Learn The Power of Decision Making!

The decisions you make determine the choices you'll have.

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What do you want out of life?

Is it love... perhaps passion in your personal and professional lives. Maybe self-satisfaction and health; security and achievement; freedom and trust; fun and financial independence?

If you want happiness, fortune and fulfillment in your life; if you want a lifetime of luck, you must create relationships with people. To do that you must study people and learn to understand them. If you will do what is necessary, the opportunities you'll be presented with are endless.

Learn to develop communities (friendships, associations, etc.) because your best protection against catastrophe is to create a huge network of people you have helped and who feel a kinship and loyalty to you.

Manumit United, Inc. has developed a weekend seminar that will help you with the knowledge and skill set to change your life! 

Attend "Decision Weekend" and let the rest be history!

See you there:

Oct. 7-8, 2017

Hilton Garden Inn

174 Forest St.

Marlborough, Ma.