MU Class #1

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Today, we start the Manumit United entrepreneurial, personal and professional development course.

I think the course objective of, "transforming our lives through education and implementation of wisdom in the areas of finances and entrepreneurship" sets the tone very nicely. Doesn't that sound like something we can all use?

We learned about:

Exposing lies and limited beliefs.

How learned truths aren't necessarily accurate and how they lead to self-sabotaging habits.

How accurate self-perception helps develop helpful habits.

What is the formula for wealth and how to apply it.

How failure is a necessary part of life. And why you shouldn't be afraid of it.

How to deal with any kind of "growing pains."

How your emotional attachments create your reality.

My epiphany for this class- I realized what specific negative emotions and limiting beliefs within myself that was holding me back in certain ways.

Thanks MU, I now know what to work on to reach more of my goals!

Do yourself a favor, go to the calendar and make sure you make the next class.