MU Class #2

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Money is debt and your feelings toward money determine your success with it. I've heard people with no money speak so negatively about it that it's no wonder why they don't have any. Money is what you get for solving problems for someone else. If you want more money, go solve more problems.

The history of banking. One of the most compelling "conspiracy (not) theories you could ever investigate. The relationship between the U.S. government treasury and the Federal Reserve. By the way, the Federal Reserve is not apart of the U.S. Federal Government.

Fractional Reserve Banking. How a select group of people are stealing the dreams of the worlds' population.

You must build assets.

The formula for wealth. Want to know what the formula is? Come join the MU course and come to class.

Today's epiphany- Sometimes even a surface level of information can be scary, but the banking system is a true horror story. Let MU show you how to navigate through the financial quagmire so you can avoid poverty. I now know the difference between asset building and saving money, you can't save your way to wealth!