MU Class #3

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Well, class #2 was a real eye-opener when it comes to understanding money and how the financial institutions work. It is starting to make a lot of sense as to why 95% of people in the U.S. retire broke. Isn't that a mind boggling statistic? I've often wondered how it could be possible, now I know. Anyway, on to class #3.

The topic for this class is education and free enterprise. The proper education is so important that Nelson Mandela said, "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." This is true for the education you pursue as well as the one imposed upon you. Take a moment and ponder on the last two sentences...

What I learned in class:

The United States adopted its educational system from a model established by the Prussian government. Get this, the model was successfully used by the Prussians to produce obedient, conforming workers and soldiers. For any of you history buffs, I'm sure you would agree that the system worked for Prussia. But what about the United States? If 95% of us retire broke and 95% of us are employees and we have one of the largest military's in the world... I think you get the point!

The United States was formed with the idea that the government would work for the people and follow the direction of these people. So what happen to change that reality because it now appears that the government dictates to its citizens.

To entrust the government with the power of determining education is entrusting the servant with the power of the master. If the policies of the government can be controlled by money, power and lobbying, then the average citizen no longer has has any influence in running their country. Add in how the financial system was intertwined with the public education system and, maybe you can start to get a feeling of how the field slave must have felt!

How the world wide web has changed the playing field. Now you can obtain the information that's needed for your specific situation.

How the free enterprise system allows citizens the opportunity to become wealthy.

The comparison between a free market and government run business. Hint... if the government runs 50% or more of the nation's business, what form of government is it?

How to redirect you education that benefits you the most.

My epiphany- I discovered part of this years ago and that is that public education is a farce and generally, develops people with a follower mentality. However, it's amazing to learn how deeply our government is involved in to fostering this peon mentality.

This type of information should move you, as it has me, to research and learn just how deep the crap pile is so we can start taking the necessary steps to get out!

Come to the MU classes and become informed!!!