MU Class #4

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Hello again. Class #3 sure gave me the motivation to take a long, hard look at America, the banking system and our educational system.

Onward to class #4. The class objectives were to:

!. Go over the different types of assets and liabilities. This will help you decide what type of assets you want to pursue and whether they make sense in today's market.

2. To understand the fundamentals of the financial market. We learned about the market, its history and pitfalls. What is "Good" debt vs. "Bad" debt.

3. To discover what's required for financial independence. The general explanation is very simple and states, "If you want to stop working before you die, you must own something that will continue to pay you without having to involve your time."

4. What the cash flow quadrant is and how to navigate it to gain financial independence? Understanding this concept is vital to learning where you are currently situated so you can develop a clear plan to get where you want to go.

5. What is the Dow Jones? Learn about the fuduciary responsibility of a corporation. Be afraid... very afraid!

6. What is the S & P 500? Read the comment on the Dow.

7. What fueled the housing market crash in 2008? What the heck is the derivative market and how it destroyed the dreams of a lot of Americans and caused a ripple effect around the world.

My epiphany- The lack of a well-rounded financial education is a guarantee of ultimate financial failure!

Are you getting the picture?... attend the MU classes and increase your potential.